Saturday, 4 January 2014

Month of photos - December 2013

I was going through my iPad photos the other day and realised I should probably do something with them. So, I've decided to do a month in photos kind of post (which also helps with another one of my resolutions, blogging more). I've seen other bloggers do weekly ones but I don't think my life is interesting enough for that to work. 

1. The wrapping paper my boyfriend used to wrap up my birthday presents (who knew you could get personalised Ryan Gosling wrapping paper!?)
2. Another birthday related photo, my boyfriend got me a My Neighbour Totoro tshirt and I wore it for three days one week.
3. More birthday things, my boyfriend got me a lucky Chinese cat and my cat Lotti got a bit confused
4. As a joint birthday and Christmas present my parents bought me a car. I can't legally drive it though, which I know is a bit backwards.. but I am slowly learning!
5. Hello Kitty advent calendar!
6. Me, my mum and my sister Daisy when we went out for my birthday
7. Our Christmas tree
8. Me, my boyfriend and his little brother with the Hello Kitty that his family got me for my birthday (anyone notice a theme here?)

So there are some things that happened this month, I've noticed it's quite birthday related..

Lots of Love

Friday, 3 January 2014

Leather jacket

Today I decided I'd use my iPad to take outfit post photos... But as you can tell this wasn't a good idea as the quality is terrible. Next time I will remember to charge my camera (new years resolution no.1)

I am wearing

Faux leather jacket - Topshop - £26 (in the sale yay)
Tartan scarf - Chatworth house - Christmas present
Levi's shorts - Cow Vintage
Desert boots - Wild Vintage - £29.99
Jumper - H&M

On boxing day I reluctantly followed my boyfriend to the sales and was a bit sad about waking up at 8 in the morning. But, I came home with this really pretty leather jacket! I went into Topshop hoping to find a big snuggly boyfriend coat and didn't have much luck, then I saw the rail of leather jackets. After digging through for about ten minutes I found this one, and it was only £26! I've wanted a leather jacket for years and I finally have one, it's so much better than the boring beige spring jacket I used to wear.

This scarf was a Christmas present from my mum and I love it. I now have three tartan scarves but this is my favourite because it's actually long enough to keep me warm.

I bough these desert boots on New Years Eve from a vintage shop in Nottingham called Wild Clothing. They sell new and old clothes and these boots are from the new bit. They have lots of other different colours like pink, blue, and beige. I like mine because they aren't the typical brown colour and the purple makes them a bit more feminine.

Also, meet my fluffy grumpy cat Monty.

Lots of Love