Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wedding outfit post

(all photos courtesy of George Swan)

Last Friday me and George went to a wedding and it was lovely. When we arrived at the reception we had afternoon tea with sandwiches and cake. Everyone had different vintage tea cups and plates which was really nice (mine had a pineapple on it).

Even though we've known about this wedding for months, I decided to buy my dress the day before in a panic. It's from a section of Outfit called Tenki and it was around £22, they don't have a very good website but you can find their dresses in Dorothy Perkins, Outfit, New Look and many more places. My mum bought me the necklace for my birthday and the shoes were £15 from the Dorothy Perkins section of outfit but they were in the sale and I can't find them on the website. The picture doesn't really show them properly but they are covered in silver glitter. I really want an excuse to wear them again.

So overall it was a lovely day and congratulations to Tim and Claire! 

Sophie x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

How not to make marble cakes

Today me and my boyfriend George attempted to make marble cakes, and it wasn't very successful but it was fun. So I thought I'd let you all know how to not make marble cakes.

Noah and the Whale, Heart of Nowhere is my favourite album at the moment

George mixing stuff

We used  a basic Victoria sponge recipe, and up to this point everything was fine in the cake making process.

Then, we split the mixture into thirds, and used two thirds to make the marble cakes. One third, we made green and the other third we made pink, using food colouring. 

Then we put a spoon of each colour into each cake case. Then used a cocktail stick to slightly mix the mixture in the cases. 

We put the cakes in the oven and probably left them in too long because they were more like cake shaped biscuits.

So as you can see the cakes aren't really that marbled, however they were a bit green on the inside.

I made mini Victoria sponge cakes! (I put jam on a cake and squashed another cake on top)

George's attempted at 'art'

The other third of cake mixture turned out a lot better.

This photo makes them look really nice when really they aren't that great.
So we have both learned from this experience that when making marble cakes...
            • Add more pink food colouring
            • Take the cakes out the oven a lot earlier
We'll just try and give them away to siblings. 
Best bit of cake making.

Also, I thought I should mention that I did get into uni (woo!) so on the 15th September I'm moving to Lincoln to study Journalism, which is kind of scary but I'm excited too. 

And on Monday I passed my driving test! So I can finally drive the car I got for my birthday/Christmas in December. 

Sophie x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Vintage denim skirt


On Monday I went to a friend's gig (they're called Restrooms and you should have a look at their Facebook page) and this is what I wore. 

Denim skirt - Cow Vintage
Maximo Park tshirt - Maximo Park merch website 
 Boots - Dr Martens
Necklace - Turkey

So tomorrow is the most important day ever because it's results day (ah). I'm really nervous but trying not to think about it too much.

Good luck to everyone else getting results tomorrow!

Sophie x