Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cat tights and velvet

It's my first outfit post in ages! I've sort of already done this outfit before on my Merry Christmas post but this time I'm wearing my creepers, leather jacket and cat tights.

I wanted to show off my new cat tights on my blog because I've wanted some forever so I thought why not turn it into an outfit post. My boyfriend bought me these tights and I want to wear them with everything. I thought they'd be really thin and rip easily but they are surprisingly thick. I'm not sure where they are from but I know you can find them on Amazon if you search 'cat tights'.

I've posted my leather jacket before but here it is again. I wish I could wear it every day but I tried that a few weeks ago and it was too cold so I had to put it away. Every time the sun is out I try and wear it then realise half way through the day that it is Winter. I got it in the Topshop sale on Boxing Day for £26.

I haven't worn my creepers in ages but I thought they went quite well with my cat tights. I stopped wearing them because I've started having driving lessons and driving in creepers is really difficult. But I might start wearing them again because they can look quite cute. I got them about 2 years ago from Underground and I think they were around £81.

I really should wear my bowler hat more because since I bought it in December I've only worn it three times. I'm not very confident with hats. It was £13 from Ark.

I also need to wear this green velvet dress more and I should wear it with jumpers to dress it down. I think I've worn it about four times but I really love it, mostly because it's furry and warm. I can't remember how much it was but it is by Hearts and Bows at Ark

I got this Marc Jacobs watch from my dad for my birthday.

I will put this on Lookbook when I have time but right now I need to get ready for work.

Lots of Love 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Jean obsession

Recently jeans have appealed to me a lot more than skirts and shorts. Maybe it's partly growing up and not wanting to wear the whole shorts and tights combination as much or maybe I'm just getting lazy and would rather throw on a pair of jeans and a jumper than an elaborate outfit involving a skirt or a dress.
So even though I like jeans, I'm not a very good example of someone who does. I only own one pair of jeans. They're from Peacocks and I've had them for about 6 years (they are starting to get a bit small now). 

I'm running a bit low on money at the moment so it's time for a wishlist about the things I want but can't afford. 

I see this photo all over Tumblr and each time I see it I want these jeans more. I have no idea how much they are because I looked on the Acne website and couldn't find them. But I NEED them - they're probably a little out of my price range though. 

I recently saw these black Lana super skinny jeans from River Island on Ellen's blog and saw that they were only £25 so they are a definite want. Next pay day I will be buying these. 

I was once going to buy some Topshop Joni jeans but the idea of a pinafore dress seemed a lot more appealing. But now part of me wishes I had chosen the Joni jeans because they are a lot more versatile and never go out of fashion, much unlike the pinafore dress. I like these jeans because they're not boring. I've always though of jeans as being the safe option and a bit boring but these have a gingham pattern so are in trend for Spring and look a bit more interesting. Does anyone know if the Topshop Joni jeans are worth £38?

It's so hard deciding what jeans to buy that I'll probably just go for the safe option and buy black jeans. 

Lots of Love

Friday, 7 February 2014

30 random questions!

Look at this cat wearing a flower crown!!

Ellen from Ellen underwater tagged me in her 30 questions so I thought I'd have a go. 

  1. What are you wearing today? Creamy coloured Fred Perry polo top, jeans and my mint cardigan.
  2. What are you listening to right now? Noah and the Whale, Blue Skies. I've been obsessed with the whole First Days of Spring album recently, it's so perfect. 
  3. Do you like the beach? Yes, it's my favourite place ever and I want to live near the seaside one day.
  4. What's something you really want right now? I want another cup of tea hm...
  5. Who was the last person you added to your contacts? I can't remember
  6. Do you have any piercings? I have two piercings in my lobes (but ones stretched to 8mm) and a cartilage piercing. I want so many more though!
  7. What are your favourite stores? I like all the vintage shops in Nottingham, H&M, Topshop, Urban Outfitters (even though I can't actually afford their clothes), Ark and American Apparel.
  8. Favourite nail polish brand? I like Topshop and Rimmel, but mainly anything that's a pretty colour and not too expensive.
  9. Ever failed a test? Erm... can't remember, I think I got a D in an RE exam once.
  10. Do you prefer shorts or skirts? Skirts
  11. Favourite social media? Tumblr, Twitter and Bloglovin'
  12. Do you play any sports? Nope, I'm really lazy.
  13. Long or short hair? My hair's quite short but I'm trying to grow it.
  14. Favourite quote? I like the quote in 'The Great Gatsby' (F. Scott Fitzgerald) were Nick Carraway shouts to Gatsby 'You're worth the whole damn bunch put together'. And the quote from 'As I walked out one evening' by WH Auden 'You shall love your crooked neighbour with all your crooked heart'. I have so many but those are the first ones I can think of.
  15. What colour is your room? White but with one bright pink wall.
  16. Are you outgoing or shy? It really depends on the situation but most of the time I'm probably more towards the shy side.
  17. What was the last text message you sent? Telling my mum that we'd ran out of printer ink (we still have no printer ink sigh..)
  18. Have you ever won a competition? I won a Christmas card competition in year 8 woo.
  19. How many pillows do you sleep with? Two
  20. Who was the first person you talked to today? My Mum
  21. How many hoodies do you have? Who knows.. I probably have about 6 all scattered around the house.
  22. What should you be doing? Getting ready for college.
  23. Can you keep your shoes clean? Nope, not at all, my Dr Martens are covered in mud because I went to the park on Wednesday, I'm quite messy.
  24. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I quite like my name. I think I'd like a cute nickname though.
  25. Do you prefer milk, dark or white chocolate? Milk.
  26. Open a book closest to you and turn to page 13. What does the first line say on that page? 'Hooee, look at the way this bird holds his cards, showin' to everybody in a block' One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest, Ken Kasey (everyone should read this it's amazing)
  27. Do you still watch Disney? Sometimes because I have a six year old sister and I really want to see Frozen, so yeah I'm still into it. 
  28. What do you usually eat for breakfast? Muffins or toast. I don't really like breakfast.
  29. Do you have any pets? I have two cats 
  30. What's your favourite holiday? Christmas! 

So I hope you liked the little insight into my life! I quite like doing these question things. 

I am going to tag...

Bas from Anything Bas
Lorna from City Light Maverick
Chelsea from Chelsea Jade Loves

Lots of Love

ps. I'm going shopping later and if I buy anything I might do a haul ooooh

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Month of photos - January

You may have noticed that there isn't nearly as many photos as last month. January is normally a really quiet month in general, with work and social life, especially compared to December which is full of festivities. 

1. This photos sort of sums up this month for me. I've spent a lot of time recently eating food, watching films and doing coursework. I have two deadlines next week ah 

2. I know today is technically February but I thought I'd squeeze this photo into the January post. Today I had an interview day at the University of Lincoln for the journalism degree. It was so much fun and I got to do a little radio workshop which was a new experience. I suppose a selfie of what I wore doesn't really explain the fact I had an interview today but excuse for a selfie woo.

3. Although I'm 18 I'm basically still a child so I bought the new Pokemon game last month for 3DS. It's a really good game, it's a lot different to the old ones as it's more 3D, which I prefer. 

4. My boyfriend and two of his friends are making a short film about a man contemplating whether or he should propose to his girlfriend. It's quite a lighthearted, humorous, probably with little sad bits, kind of film. They need funding in order to make the film so if you could share (or possibly pledge?) to their Kickstarter they will be eternally grateful. If you pledge certain amounts you will be rewarded with things like posters, badges and a thank you in the credits, so please have a look!

I've also started using Instagram more recently since I discovered that I can download it on my iPad. I got a bit bored of Instagram before but I've followed more people, there's new filters and a cute little video option that you can apply filter too as well, so it's a bit more interesting than before.

I'll try to make February a bit more interesting and take more photos so I have more to talk about next month!

Lots of Love