Thursday, 15 August 2013

Diana Mini

A few months ago my boyfriend bought me a Diana Mini camera. They're these really cute film cameras that are only a bit taller than a reel of film, it takes 35mm film and the photos have a square frame. You can also do loads of interesting effects with them, such as overlapping photos, panoramic photos and you can choose from rectangle or square frames. You can also buy a flash for it because you need a lot of light to take photos with it, probably why a lot of my photos came out dark. I've used it before but the first time the photos didn't come out very well because I think to do all the fancy effects you have to be a bit of an expert. This time they came out quite good so I thought I'd do a little post about them! 

I started this reel of film in May when I went to Skegness so there's some really old photos. I like it when I can't remember what I've taken anyway because it's like a little surprise when they get developed! 

These are some of my overlapping photos, I can't remember if I did it my accident and just forgot to wind the film along so it looks like my boyfriend has strawberries on his face oops. 

I would just carry it around everywhere with me because its so small but its so hard to find cheap film, I found it once in Poundland but it's disappeared now (wah) I may have to do some deep Internet researching to find some! 

Lots of Love