Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Student room inspiration

In a couple of weeks I'm going to start moving things into my new house in Lincoln for my second year of uni. I'm so excited to personalise my room however I want, and living in a house with 9 other people is going to be interesting too!

My room comes with a desk, a chair, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe. So I get all the basics but want to make everything look cute.

Desk spaces

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I really want to have a tidy desk layout, like the ones you see on Pintrest or other people's blogs, with little cacti and polaroid photos etc.

I know these ideas are unrealistic because my last uni desk was a complete mess, covered in books, pizza, loose change, other random stuff. But I can try and keep it tidy for a few days.


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Over summer I've had a lot of time to waste wandering around charity shops, which means I've acquired a lot of books and now need a lot of space for them. These bookshelves look like they'd take up a lot of space and I'm not sure how much room I'm going to have. I really like the idea of just sticking cushions on top of a bookshelf to make a seat.

Other stuff

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Here's just some other stuff I thought looked cool but didn't fit into a category. Photos and plants are definitely a necessity and I love the idea of displaying photos next to fairy lights so they stand out.

Does anyone else have any cute student room ideas? 

Sophie x

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My current summer book: Atonement, Ian McEwan

I'm currently reading Ian McEwan's Atonement, I'm about a third of the way through and I love it. I bought it from a charity shop for 99p a couple of weeks ago. I watched the film years ago so I've wanted to read the book since then.

From the film I remember it having some dark subject matters but also some romantic aspects, so it's not all depressing, and it has some amazing description and detail. The reason that I think it's a summer book is because the first part that I've read so far is set on the hottest day of the year, in uncomfortable heat, which adds to the uncomfortable awkwardness between some of the characters. So if you read it in the summer you can understand the feelings of characters more clearly.

I love finding books in charity shops because I don't look for anything in particular, just things that I've heard of before, but that also means I end up coming home with about 4 books every time.

What's everyone else reading at the moment?

Sophie x

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sighh Designs Lil' Cacti case review

Sighh is a online store created by graphic design student Polly Vadasz. When it opened two years ago there were around 5 phone cases for sale, now the shop sells phone cases, Macbook skins, pocket mirrors, mugs, make-up bags, stickers, pencil cases, temporary tattoos, prints and tote bags. That's a lot of stuff for one 19 year old to organise.

I bought the Lil' Cacti case for £14 a few months ago, after weeks of trying to decide which case to buy. I finally went for this one simply because I love cacti and I love the green colour scheme. The case also has a nice matte finish which gives it a nice texture. I mainly bought the case for the cute design, rather than for something to protect my phone.

On Polly's website, it mentions that keeping your phone case around your keys (or other similar objects) could cause it to scratch, but since I've had it hasn't scratched at all, even though I just throw it into my tote bag filled with all kinds of stuff. 

These cases aren't the kind that would protect your phone from smashing if dropped on concrete as they are just plastic and quite thin. But they do stop your phone from getting scratched or chipped.

The one negative about these cases is that they can be quite difficult to get off the phone because of the plastic material so bits of tissue and stuff can get a bit stuck.

The case is definitely worth the money and I would buy another case from Sighh again. I'm also thinking of buying other products because I love this tote bag but it's out of stock at the moment (but will be in stock on the 20th of July!)

Make sure you all check out Sighh and look at Polly's pretty stuff!!

Sophie x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Trying to get organised

(this is going to be a bit of a rambly post I apologise in advance)
Diary - Paperchase
Notebook - Gift

July definitely seems to be the month where everyone loses their motivation, I've read about three blog posts dedicated to the idea.

Along with everyone else, I'm also stuck in a blogging block, as you've probably noticed. The main reason is that my blog isn't very organised as I don't have that 'niche' I can write about, so it's often hard to find something to write a post about.

I've slowly been steering away from fashion blogging ever since I started uni. I don't really follow trends or even read anything fashion related anymore so I can't really pick up the motivation to get my tripod out and stand in front of a camera for half an hour.
So I've decided, since my blog isn't anything serious and is just a little hobby, why not just write what I want?
This means you'll be seeing a lot more random posts, like lifestyle stuff, photography, book reviews, random product reviews, blog posts about days out and there might be an occasional outfit post if I feel like it.
And because my subject matter is a bit wider, this means more blog posts, more regularly (I'm aiming for one a week at the moment).
Sophie x
thanks for reading my ramble!