Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Pastel Gingham


I am wearing...

Pastel gingham dress - Oxfam charity shop in Hockley, Nottingham
Plum desert boots - Wild Clothing, Nottingham
My Neighbour Totoro necklace - My Etsy shop

I've had this dress ages and it's one of my favourites because it's pastel and has pockets, I love it when I find out clothes have pockets. I bought it for £9 from Oxfam. I buy a lot of stuff from charity shops now because I love how you can find something new and never worn but for less than half the original price. But I also like the vintage stuff they have because it's often a lot cheaper than vintage shops like Cow and Wild. And of course, it's always nice to help a charity.

I've also put this look on Lookbook if you want to give it a hype!

Sophie x

Monday, 21 July 2014

Black lace and denim

In this outfit I am wearing...

Black lace dress - Matalan
Brown leather belt - Cow (vintage)
Denim jacket - second hand
My Neighbour Totoro necklace - My Etsy Shop
Plum desert boots - Wild Clothing

Me and my boyfriend recently made some My Neighbour Totoro necklaces for our Etsy shop. I love them and they go with everything! They're £5 each and we only have 5 (at the moment). If these go well, we might carry on this Studio Ghibli theme.

I've put this look on Lookbook too if anyone wants to hype it!!

Sophie x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer wishlist

So unfortunately, I'm not going on holiday this year. I've got to that age where my parents no longer take me and I can't afford to take myself on holiday. But this doesn't stop me from lusting over bikinis and beautiful beach wear. I suppose I could wear a bikini round the house?


I wanted one of these bikinis for so long. I love the bold colours and sharp edges, they look almost cartoon like. They are from a website called Triangl, and although they are an American company, they ship to the UK. 
The bikinis are around $90 / £52. 

Lisa Marie Fernandez  outfit

This is the beach poncho by Lisa Marie Fernandez. It's like a towel that you can wear, so when you get out of the pool and want to go fetch something from your hotel room, you don't have to awkwardly wrestle dry clothes onto your wet body, instead you can just throw on a towel, which also won't fall off like normal towels do. 
Poncho is around £345

I don't have any white dresses, I still wear black in summer. But it would be so much more practical to wear dresses like this, also it's not completely white which is nice because it isn't too bright.
Alice by Temperley - £180

I'm really not a fan of Birkenstock style sandals being 'in', I still think they look like Birkenstocks, no matter who wears them with what outfit. These Topshop sandals are what I need but whenever I go out to buy any sensible summer shoes I come home with chunky shoes that aren't that practical and are difficult to walk in. I love the colour of these, even though most of my clothes are quite dull.
Topshop - £26
(I might have to buy these when I have enough money they are quite lovely)

Along with the rest of the female population, I recently watched Orange is the new black and I am now obsessed, so I would love to read the original memoir by Piper Kerman, just so I can see if the things that happened in the TV programme happened in real life.

Anyone that has met me (even only briefly) will know about my obsession for On the Road by Jack Kerouac because it's basically all I talk about. 
(it's amazing and everyone should read it)
Now, I want to read everything Jack Kerouac, but I'm not really sure where to start.
This fits into a summer wishlist because reading outside in summer is a nice thing to do.

Hope everyone's having a nice Summer!

Sophie x

Friday, 4 July 2014

Label M - Powder Pink Spray

I've always wanted pink or lilac hair and I have tried it a few times but it seems to fade really quickly. Also, being a waitress means I have to look 'normal' so turning up for work with pastel hair wouldn't go down well. So this pink hairspray seems to be a good alternative as you can put it in before you go out and then wash it out if you have work the next day!

I've had the Label M Powder Pink Spray for a while now but I've never had the chance to blog about it. 

I have tried applying it all over but because it's a hairspray it doesn't really feel nice so it's best to just apply it to sections and go for the highlighted look. Or you could just apply it to the bottom sections for an ombré look.

So today I decided to apply the spray in sections, which was a good idea because it ran out just before I was finished and the back of my hair is white whilst the rest is bright pink. When you first apply it, it goes really bright but I think it fades gradually. I'm going camping today, which means I won't be able to wash it out until Sunday. This was probably a bad time to use this because I am probably going to get really annoyed with hair spray filled knotty hair. But I do love the colour.


I think this product is really good if you want to have pink hair for a day but the hairspray feel isn't that great because it's slightly powdery too. However, if you brush your hair a lot throughout the day then it seems to be alright because it evens out the colour and removes the knots. Also, the colour is quite bright and if you have really light hair (like mine) it seems to stay slightly, but I suppose that's only a problem if you have work or school or something the next day. 

Despite these minor problems, if I could afford it I probably would continue to use it because I have used other similar but cheaper products, such as the Wella hairspray (which I think has been discontinued) and this one does feel a lot nicer and looks more natural. However, I've only used it three times and for the price it runs out quite quickly.

Label M Powder hairsprays here - £9.95