Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sheringham, Norfolk - things to do

Last week me and my family spent a week in a village in Norfolk called Holt. It was a bit rainy, so my photos didn't turn out that great, but in typical British style we still forced ourselves out of the cottage to go experience things, in the rain.

Here are some of the things we did!

Just outside Sheringham, you will find Priory Maze and Gardens, it is called this because slightly in the distance you can see ruins of a priory, but unfortunately you can't actually get to it (as far as I know). But the view is still lovely.

As you enter the gardens there is a large maze that we actually got lost in for about 10 minutes. From the maze there are lots of different gardens, filled with colourful flowers and some weird looking Alice in Wonderland like trees.

There is also a cafe which sells sandwiches and cake and tea and all the usual cafe stuff.

It costs £5.50 for an adult ticket and is open from 10am-5pm everyday. We only stayed for the morning because of the weather but if you get some lunch and take a slow wander around, you could probably stay a bit longer and turn it into a whole day thing.

The maze

The old priory in the distance

Between Holt, Weybourne and Sheringham runs a steam railway, completely ran by volunteers who replicate how the railway would have been in the 1900s. They play the parts of conductors, train drivers and ticket officers, which makes the experience very surreal as you wander around the museum and see photos of how the railway used to be.

We first stopped in Weybourne, which was just a station where we had a cup of tea and wandered around. Then we caught the next train into Sheringham, where we looked at the souvenir shops and had lunch at a cafe near the station.

I think the best part of the day was that we got to sit in one of the booths on the train, which sort of felt like being on the Hogwarts Express. The views were amazing, everything was green fields and in the distance you could see the sea, which is always nice when you live somewhere built up like Nottingham.

 An all day ticket costs £12 for an adult and you can travel as much as you want between Holt, Weybourne and Sheringham, so it's definitely worth it.

View from the train

Ticket office

I'm going to do another post when I get my Diana Mini photos developed, so there's more photos of the town and stuff on the way.

Have any of you ever been to Sheringham? Let me know what you thought!

Sophie x