Thursday, 11 June 2015

OOTD: Summer Stripes

I haven't done an outfit post since Christmas, this is weird. 

I am wearing...

Top: British Heart Foundation charity shop
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: Birthday present

I know it's a bit of a dull one but I wanted to show off my charity shop find. In Lincoln there's a British Heart Foundation shop that sells brand new clothes as well as old ones, so this H&M top was only £1.50, brand new!

I finally got some sensible summer shoes. I think these were about £10 from Primark. They also come in pale pink and white, so I might have to get some more.

Also, I now have brown hair! After years of bleaching and toning and damaging I decided to give my hair a rest and I'm going a bit more natural. I got blonde highlights so that I wouldn't completely lose the blonde. It feels in better condition already.

Hope everyone's having a nice summer!

Sophie x

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Rita Ora Rimmel Spring nail polishes

This Spring Rimmel released 12 new spring/summer shades with the help of Rita Ora.The pastel shades range from pink to blue (there's one called Porta Loo Blue so I assume there a festival theme going on), so they are perfect for Spring or Summer! Also, the polishes are part of the '60 seconds super shine' collection, which is great because I hate sitting about for half an hour waiting for nails to dry.

I bought the Sweet Retreat shade which is the pink one pictured above, I've been looking for a pastel pink polish for ages and this is perfect. It's slightly brighter than it looks in the bottle but I'd still call it pastel.

And Oragina, the orange one pictured above, this is one of my favourite polishes at the moment. I'm slightly obsessed with peachy pink colours this Summer.

These polishes don't seem to last a whole week and tend to chip a bit after about 4-5 days but for £2.99 from Boots you can't really complain. To get the a solid colour I had to apply 2 coats.

Sophie x 

ps. what are your favourite summer shades?

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Wishlist: Active wear

In an attempt to encourage myself to do more exercise I thought I'd do a wishlist of pretty active wear and decided that if I pull myself together and join the gym, then I can buy some nice stuff. 

I've been looking around online and noticed that H&M, Missguided and Forever21 all have quite big active wear sections on their websites.

Purple galaxy print sports tights - £7.99
Grey sports bar - £12.99
Blue galaxy print sports tights (3/4 length) - £14.99
Tshirt - £9.99
H&M's collection seems to have everything in 4 different colours, blue, pink, black and grey, so you can easily match outfits. It has the most simple collection of the three sites, with all the basics you need in black and grey but also in more vibrant pinks and blues, if you feel like standing out a bit.


Grey hoodie with curved hem - £20

Blue cross back sports bra - £10
Missguided have partnered with Ministry of Sound to create active wear to fit with their new collection of music Ultimate Dance Workout. This range is slightly more expensive than the normal Missguided but the designs are more interesting, such as the lace up detail crossed leggings featured above. Similar to H&M, Missguided love their water/galaxy like prints in blue and pink.

Forever 21

Black and white tie dye crop top - £7
Laser cut pink running shorts - £13
Keith Haring leggins - £19

Blossom and grey sports bra - £8.40 (currently in sale)
Forever 21 has the most varied active wear section of the three sites. They have a range of colours and styles of active wear from running shorts to yoga rompers. I also really love the Keith Haring leggings featured above.

Sophie x

Monday, 8 June 2015

Details: flowers and denim

I think I've blogged this outfit before so I've decided to do a details post about the patterns and the jewellery I'm wearing. 

Jewellery: I decided to go for silver because I think it goes better with the denim.

Watch: Marc Jacobs (similar here)
Bracelet and ring: Pandora
Unicorn earring: Little Teacup 
(not sure if this shop is still active but have a look anyway)
Stud earrings: Claire's

It turns out it was a bad day to wear this skirt because it was so windy! But when it isn't windy it's perfect for summer because it's all light and floaty.

Denim shirt: Outfit 

Sophie x

Ps. Yes or no to the details type post? 

Friday, 5 June 2015

Uni life - first year is over!

I didn't realise how long ago my last blog post was, all the exams and coming home and unpacking etc just seemed to take over for a bit, I finished my first year of uni weeks ago! If you've read my blog before you'll notice that I wrote a few posts about my first year of uni (here) so now I've decided to do a little summary of my first year.

Overall, this first year of uni has been amazing and it's gone way too fast. It still doesn't feel like I've finished and seems strange that I'll never live in the student village again, I might even miss it a bit, but probably won't miss the breeze block prison walls in the bedrooms. 

Tips for first years

- Don't be nervous! I know it's hard to not be nervous because I remember being really nervous and not listening to anyone that told me I would be okay. But once you get there and see that everyone's in the same boat, it's not bad at all. 

-Learn how to cook before you go to uni. I didn't and only knew how to cook pasta and stir fry so my meals got very boring very quickly. 

-Try not to miss out on things! I think I missed out on a few opportunities to do things this year because of nerves, things like work experience and joining societies etc. Now that first year is over and I've only got two years left, I wish I took every opportunity there was to do something extra outside of my course.

-Take a doorstop! Uni halls of residence, as I've said before, can be very depressing looking but I noticed that just leaving the door open makes a big difference. It also sort of forces you to be sociable and not lock yourself away in your room. 

I don't want to give away too many tips and things because the main thing is to just have fun and be sociable!!

(Here's the most normal night out photo I can find)

Sophie x