Sunday, 28 April 2013

Vintage checkered shirt and abandoned buildings

These photos were taken on Sunday when I went to an abandoned building to do some photography coursework but due to revision and other things I've only just got round to posting them. I'll probably just stick to posting two posts a week (mostly at weekends) anyway because then it'll be consistent (unless I miss a week out)

I am wearing...

Vintage checkered shirt from Cow Vintage
Jeans from Peacocks
Converse from a friend
Jacket from H+M
Hoody from American Apparel
Rucksack from American Apparel

I love checkered shirts because you can wear them in so many different ways, open or buttoned up or tied up or under pinafore dresses or over hoodies... the list is endless! I also love how comfy they are, if you buy a vintage one they're sometimes a bit itchy but not all of them are. I feel like I live in this one so I think I need to buy some more. 

I've also posted some of the photos that I took at the abandoned building for my coursework, to see more go on my flickr here. I've decided to start using it since I've nearly finished my coursework.

I've posted this look onto Lookbook too if you want to hype it!

Lots of Love

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Graphic tees

Since the weather's getting better I need to move out of jumpers and into tshirts. 

Also I love the whole graphic tee and fancy skirt combination because it looks smart and casual at the same time. 

(photos from lookbook)
I love cats and this tshirt - American Apparel £21

Love this tshirt. Unicorns are cute and it's lilac too! - Urban Outfitters  £28

This pattern is so beautiful (monochrome too) and it's in the sale for £14 at Urban Outfitters

Ladies Last Night T-Shirt (Black)
I saw this tshirt on another blog a while ago and I love Noah and the Whale so this tshirt is lovely. They also do it in white here Noah and the Whale merch £15

Last year I found this amazing website when I was looking for a present for my boyfriend. It's called Red Bubble, it has loads of different designs that can be put onto tshirts, phone cases, hoodies, posters, etc... The tshirts are American Apparel and are only around £15. There's so many designs so it's best to just type something you like into the search bar and see what comes up.

So you can probably tell what I'll be spending my money on over summer...

Lots of Love

Her mind's like a diamond

Hello! I haven't blogged in about two weeks, I've been doing revision for my German speaking exam loads, that's out the way now but I've got all my other exams coming up soon so won't be blogging as much. 

My tartan skirt and my tshirt are from American Apparel. I've had this tshirt ages so it's a bit faded now, need some more white tshirts. My socks are from Topshop and my Converse were second hand from a friend. My Casio watch is from Asos. I love how the weather's nice now so I can wear Summer clothes again.

I should probably find somewhere better to do my outfit posts than my front and back garden, maybe next time. 

This post is a bit ramble-y. oops.

Don't forget to hype my look on lookbook - click click click

Lots of Love

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Denim pinafore

My cat Lotti

Hello! I've been meaning to post this since Thursday but better late than never! I've wanted a pinafore dress for ages, so on Wednesday I went into Topshop, searched everywhere for a black one but found this denim one instead which looked nice. I tried it on and I don't know what it was but it didn't really look right. So I went to Miss Selfridge and bought this one! It was £40 but with student discount it came to £36 (yay). I've worn it for the last three days because it's so versatile, yesterday I wore it with a vintage shirt and the day before with another jumper, it's definitely my favourite piece of clothing at the moment. I've just noticed from the photo on the website that you're supposed to cross the straps at the back and I didn't realise... oops...

I'm also wearing a stripy jumper that I got from H&M last year, I like it because it's quite thin but still keeps me warm. My creepers are from Underground (if you haven't looked before you should because they have loads of different styles and heights of creepers and other shoes!) My scrabble necklace is from Dollybowbow, she doesn't sell scrabble necklaces anymore but she does do loads of other kitsch-y style jewelry and stuff for your home too, so you should have a look! 

I'm going to do a Lookbook post later so be on the look out for that. 

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Lookbook & George's Flickr

I think I've talked about my boyfriends flickr in nearly every single post now but here's a post dedicated to it (and my lookbook too). He takes pictures of other stuff as well like abandoned buildings which we visited together. 

I thought I would talk about my Lookbook too because my boyfriend normally takes these photos too. I'm using the same lookbook that I used on my old blog so there's loads of posts on it. 

Flickr - georgethepoofish

Lookbook - Bees & Bows

I really need to sort my layout out so it's neater and I can have a bit with all the social networks I am on etc. 

Lots of Love

Levi's 501 & Big Green cardigan

I'm a bit obsessed with vintage Levi's shorts, I've had this pair for years and they were all ripped so yesterday I sewed them up, then did a Lookbook post with them! They've ripped again though I think it's because they're vintage and old. I'm thinking of patchworking them with pretty fabric (maybe). 

Levi's 501 and leather belt (vintage) both from Cow vintage in Nottingham. I love the colour of the denim, I might have to buy some more if this patchworking idea goes wrong.

I got this necklace in Turkey last Summer, someone asked me if it was supposed to be the Kingdom Hearts logo and I didn't even realise it looked like it, but I like Kingdom Hearts so I'm going to pretend it is the Kingdom Hearts logo.

Day 5 of me not wearing foundation. I look really pale but I think it's because of the camera flash (I am quite pale anyway though). But other than looking pale, I love not wearing foundation, it makes my skins feel so much better!

Underground creepers. I live in these, they're so comfortable and make me a little bit taller too which is nice. I also live in frilly Topshop socks because they just look really cute.

This is the pattern on my big green cardigan. It's so big and thick so keeps me nice and warm in this horrible English weather. It's also from Cow vintage.

This top is from Peacocks, I love the detail on the back so had to post a picture of it 

I've given up with trying to make Lookbook's html codes work so here's the link to my outfit - click

I seem to have entered the Levi's contest even though I know I'm not going to win, but I'm wearing Levi's and it's always fun taking part in things.

I'm currently listening to Lana del Rey - Born to die Paradise edition and it's making me feel all Summer-y. I miss wearing Summer clothes so much!

Lots of Love

ps. apologies for the rambly-ness of this post