Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Everyday things you didn’t realise were difficult until leaving home

(First post in forever! I've been busy with life and revision etc. Also I've started writing for Pretty52!) 

Moving away from home is a really exciting time, until you realise all the new and scary things you are going to have to do by yourself. Some of these things may have looked easy when your parents were doing them, but realistically we have all made that awkward phone call to them when we forgot how to cook an egg. And even though I've lived at uni for nearly two years now, I still get confused.

Washing up

If you leave the washing up for just a few hours it seems to multiply. How can a simple pasta bake create seven different pans, a chopping board and three plates? And how can washing up take longer than the actual cooking and eating?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the right idea.

Paying bills

It turns out money does not just disappear out of your bank account for bills and rent, you have to actually do it yourself. You have to go into the bank and talk to people about money or (even more confusing) set up online banking.

Buying cleaning products

Why did no one ever teach us what different cleaning products do? Usually just go for the bleach everywhere method and hope it makes the dirt go away.

Money management

When you’re buying things like cleaning products and toilet roll, money finds ways of just leaking out of your bank account. And you often end up thinking you have a lot more money than you actually do.


Apparently doing laundry isn’t just shoving things into a washing machine. You have to do it all separately, but which bits do we separate? Does pale pink count as whites and how do we know which clothes are delicates? (Speaking of laundry, that's something I need to do today).

Fending for yourself if you’re ill

When you get ill you can’t just stay in bed. You have to go outside and buy the drugs to make you feel better, unless you’re sensible and are prepared for these occasions in advance.

Deciding when to eat

Working out when to eat is harder than it seems. If I’m going out at 7pm should I eat at 6pm or will I feel too full but I may be hungry if I don’t eat… You see the dilemma? And I'm not even going to go into my attempts to eat healthily.

Ultimately, we owe a lot to our parents for doing all of these things that we didn’t realise we would actually have to do one day ourselves.

Sophie x

ps. I might have only just worked out how to put GIFs into blog posts, hence all the GIFs.