Sunday, 1 September 2013

Getting bored of Summer

I think the title is a bit misleading but it seems to fit too. 

I love Summer, I love the freedom and the sun and doing fun things like picnics and bike rides but every year I miss my jumpers, beanies and snugly clothes. I get a bit bored of shorts and dresses even though in Spring I'm excited to bring my Summer clothes out again. It's partly because I don't have a lot of Summer clothes, I have a lot of jumpers and a few dresses so in Winter there's a lot of combinations you can do with one dress but in Summer you don't have as many options (hence the lack of outfit posts). When it's hot we just try and wear as little as possible so we don't melt. 

As Winter approaches however, I do miss Summer. I miss the floaty dresses and the fact that you can just throw something on without worrying about being cold and having to add numerous more layers that also have to match the rest of the outfit. I also I love how in Summer there is no need for tights, I hate tights. I think they ruin outfits, of course some dresses for example do look better with tights but I'd rather wear socks than tights anyway, however when it's really cold we don't have a choice between tights and socks, it's just tights - and normally 2 or 3 pairs. 

Here in the UK Summer only last for a month - and that's if we're lucky, so by the time I want to buy anything I feel like 'I can't buy this because I'll only be able to wear it for a few weeks'. I have literally been saying this since June, and this is why I didn't ever get round to buying sandals, I still want some but right now, in the last week of August, there isn't any point. 
The Topshop T-Bar shoes I wish I'd bought and now it's too late

With a new season brings new trends so with the colder weather we have the excitement of the new clothes coming into the shops. And therefore brings the end of Summer sales! So you can go and buy bikinis and what not for next year and then wait a year to actually wear them. But really I am excited for the new season of clothes, I love jumpers and pretty soon the shops will be rammed with new ones to spend my money on (I will never have enough jumpers!). 

The start of Topshop's Winter jumpers

So what I'm trying to say is, the end of this season is sad because we will have to put away the floaty dresses away for another year but on a positive note, we can pull out the pretty jumpers and big cosy beanies. Personally, I like change, especially in my wardrobe, so I am looking forward to Autumn/Winter. Does anyone else agree?

Lots of Love


  1. You should have bought those sandals they are gorgeous...

    I feel like I spent most of my year in summer, From November last year to April this year it was crazzzzzy hot in Cape Town, and then just as it started to get cooler I went to Hong Kong and Singapore for two months where it was over 30 degrees, constantly. Erhhhhhjhj. You're right, it's impossible to dress creatively in such heat.

    oh and...found you on instagram!

    Bas xx

    1. I think they sold out really quickly :(
      That sounds lovely!