Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sewing inspiration - skirts

I've never really been good at sewing, but a few years ago my mum bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I would love to know how to use it properly. So my mission for this Summer is to make a least one thing using it. 

I found this post about making a circle skirt on Birdee Mag, which explains how to make a circle skirt and seems quite easy. I just need to find some fabric. 

I've always like florals and paisley patterns and they never really get boring. 

I also like the idea of having cartoons on skirts, like the Black Milk Adventure Time collection, because I think it's quite unique. 

I might even look into making a Hello Kitty skirt, I think that would be cute. 

I'm so motivated now, I just need to decide on fabric! 

If anyone knows where I can buy reasonably cheap and good quality fabric please let me know, I'm really new to this!

Sophie x


  1. I would love to be able to make my own clothes - deffo let us know how you get on! The Bart Simpson design is really cute, although florals are always classic xx

    1. I ordered some gingham fabric off eBay so I'll definitely do a DIY post soon!