Saturday, 6 April 2013

Denim pinafore

My cat Lotti

Hello! I've been meaning to post this since Thursday but better late than never! I've wanted a pinafore dress for ages, so on Wednesday I went into Topshop, searched everywhere for a black one but found this denim one instead which looked nice. I tried it on and I don't know what it was but it didn't really look right. So I went to Miss Selfridge and bought this one! It was £40 but with student discount it came to £36 (yay). I've worn it for the last three days because it's so versatile, yesterday I wore it with a vintage shirt and the day before with another jumper, it's definitely my favourite piece of clothing at the moment. I've just noticed from the photo on the website that you're supposed to cross the straps at the back and I didn't realise... oops...

I'm also wearing a stripy jumper that I got from H&M last year, I like it because it's quite thin but still keeps me warm. My creepers are from Underground (if you haven't looked before you should because they have loads of different styles and heights of creepers and other shoes!) My scrabble necklace is from Dollybowbow, she doesn't sell scrabble necklaces anymore but she does do loads of other kitsch-y style jewelry and stuff for your home too, so you should have a look! 

I'm going to do a Lookbook post later so be on the look out for that. 

Lots of Love

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