Friday, 19 April 2013

Her mind's like a diamond

Hello! I haven't blogged in about two weeks, I've been doing revision for my German speaking exam loads, that's out the way now but I've got all my other exams coming up soon so won't be blogging as much. 

My tartan skirt and my tshirt are from American Apparel. I've had this tshirt ages so it's a bit faded now, need some more white tshirts. My socks are from Topshop and my Converse were second hand from a friend. My Casio watch is from Asos. I love how the weather's nice now so I can wear Summer clothes again.

I should probably find somewhere better to do my outfit posts than my front and back garden, maybe next time. 

This post is a bit ramble-y. oops.

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Lots of Love

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  1. You are a cutie in the high top chucks, the stockings and the skirt.