Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dr Martens & Urban Canvas

On Wednesday me, Ellie and Freya were asked to go and visit the Nottingham Dr Martens shop to see artists from Urban Canvas, Peter Barber and Anthony Donnelly, work their magic on the blank wall inside the shop. They are professional graffiti artist and mural painters. They started this piece on the 25th of March and finished it on the 28th. We visited the shop on the 27th so it was almost finished and looked amazing. I like how the lace pattern runs throughout to show Nottingham Lace and the lovely detail of the Dr Martens. It works really well in the store and matches the interior perfectly.  

The piece was inspired by things associated with Nottingham such as Nottingham lace, which you can see in the background, and the iconic lions that are in Market Square, behind the girl in the piece. 

Similar pieces of art took place at Cardiff, London, Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol stores. It is part of a larger project by Dr Martens to embrace local artists. Last year the artists Inkie and Mark Kennedy created pieces of artwork for the Bristol and Manchester stores.

Also, I decided to throw in some general photos of the shop itself because it's one of my favourite shops in Nottingham, reflecting British heritage with the leather sofas and wooden floors. There's also a jukebox (should've taken a photo oops) in the shop with music from local bands old and new. 

Hearted shaped satchel is so lovely

Ellie taking photos

Dr Martens wellies! They're so much cuter than normal wellies

These remind me of rhubarb and custard sweets

So I strongly suggest that if you live in or are visiting Nottingham visit the Dr Martens shop, even if you don't like Dr Martens it's lovely so go and have a look!

Lots of Love

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