Friday, 14 March 2014

Gingham - the Summer tartan

Gingham has become my new favourite thing, it's the Summer version of tartan so what is there not to like?

As everything was tartan in Winter (tights, leggings, jackets, socks, bags) now everything is in gingham.

I am currently stuck between saving my money for Uni, spending my money on people's birthdays/mothers day/anniversary, or spending every pound I own on gingham. Yep, it's become a new obsession.

Topshop seems to be going all out on this gingham trend, they even have gingham pants and socks. My favourite item in the gingham collection is the black and white smock dress, I love clothes that look relaxed and comfy and it's gingham so even better!

A lot of the New Look gingham items look similar to the Topshop ones, especially the socks, but they're a lot more reasonable on their prices. I like the cute gingham hair accessories and how you can get a whole outfit in the same gingham colours.

Lots of Love


  1. I love the first Topshop dress and the Topshop tie up shirt! Gingham is growing on me, even if a friend told me I looked like a picnic blanket when I was wearing a gingham dress the other day! Cute post xx

  2. I am obsessed with your blog! You should post more! Like your makeup,-storage,outfits,nailpolishes,i would read your book and musictips too.. pls never stop to blog. And if possible daily.. kisses your fan sarah