Saturday, 1 February 2014

Month of photos - January

You may have noticed that there isn't nearly as many photos as last month. January is normally a really quiet month in general, with work and social life, especially compared to December which is full of festivities. 

1. This photos sort of sums up this month for me. I've spent a lot of time recently eating food, watching films and doing coursework. I have two deadlines next week ah 

2. I know today is technically February but I thought I'd squeeze this photo into the January post. Today I had an interview day at the University of Lincoln for the journalism degree. It was so much fun and I got to do a little radio workshop which was a new experience. I suppose a selfie of what I wore doesn't really explain the fact I had an interview today but excuse for a selfie woo.

3. Although I'm 18 I'm basically still a child so I bought the new Pokemon game last month for 3DS. It's a really good game, it's a lot different to the old ones as it's more 3D, which I prefer. 

4. My boyfriend and two of his friends are making a short film about a man contemplating whether or he should propose to his girlfriend. It's quite a lighthearted, humorous, probably with little sad bits, kind of film. They need funding in order to make the film so if you could share (or possibly pledge?) to their Kickstarter they will be eternally grateful. If you pledge certain amounts you will be rewarded with things like posters, badges and a thank you in the credits, so please have a look!

I've also started using Instagram more recently since I discovered that I can download it on my iPad. I got a bit bored of Instagram before but I've followed more people, there's new filters and a cute little video option that you can apply filter too as well, so it's a bit more interesting than before.

I'll try to make February a bit more interesting and take more photos so I have more to talk about next month!

Lots of Love

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