Thursday, 23 May 2013

Monochrome and gold

Hello! Long time no see... I wanted to concentrate on exams for past two weeks so that's why I haven't been blogging. I've still got one exam left, which is tomorrow, but I thought I could take a few minutes out of revision to do an outfit post. Also, I took these photos on Monday and they were just sitting there waiting to be posted! 

I don't really have that many photos this time but sometimes you don't need many. I bought this skirt last Saturday from Cow vintage in Nottingham, and it was £17 (is that a lot because I'm not sure if that's reasonable?). They have loads of pretty patterned skirts all a similar style to this. I tried on 5 and this was the only one that fitted because the others were too big (sigh). It would make life easier if they had sizes on them. But anyway, I love this skirt. I love the monochrome pattern because it's not too 'in your face black and white strips' and I'm not really a big fan of things that are massively monochrome. 

I'm also wearing my creepers but I'm not going to ramble about them because I do that in every outfit post, I think I need some more shoes...

These sparkly socks are also quite new. You can't really tell that they're sparkly from the picture but they have little bits of silver shiny bits in them, they're from Topshop and  I got them with the 3 pairs for £8 offer. I'm kind of annoyed though because I've worn them about 3 times and they've already got a massive hole in them, but don't let that put you off because Topshop socks in general are quite good quality. 

I found this gold necklace the other day in my room, it's one of those things you get as a gift for Christmas and you don't particularly like it at the time but a few years later you realise it's quite nice. 

My top is just from Peacocks so I don't really need to elaborate on that...

I've posted this look on lookbook so click here and hype please (if you want to, I'm not pressuring you)

These are my boyfriends photos so look at his flickr click click click

I better get back to revising English Language then.

Lots of Love


  1. amazing outfit, love that you combined the patterns of your skirt and the creepers <3
    great style! xx