Saturday, 24 October 2015

Lincoln Sausage Festival

(literally just a festival for sausages, don't get any weird ideas)

Every year at Lincoln Castle there is a festival known as the sausage festival, which showcases all of the amazing and unique food that originates in Lincolnshire such as the famous sausages, poacher cheese, plum bread, chutneys and wines.

As well as selling food, most of the stalls offer free samples so you can try the fancy cheese before you decide whether or not to spend £5 on it (surprisingly I didn't get tempted, but it was good cheese).

As you can see above, some stalls have demonstrations and little workshops where you can learn how to make sausages which looked very complicated.

I remember from last year there were performers for children such as clowns and musicians, but we got there at 4pm so it was probably too late to see.

Sorry about the quality of the photos, it was rainy and muddy all day.

Have any of you been to the Lincoln Sausage Festival?

Sophie x

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