Sunday, 30 June 2013

90s Nostalgia

Scrunchies, jelly shoes and dungarees. Is this whole 90s thing really that great? To me, it seems like it's all the things we were forced to wear as children so we'd look 'cute' but they are now considered 'fashion'. That makes it sound like I'm completely against scrunchies, jelly shoes and dungarees but really I think they're quite cute. It's just a strange concept. That's only because I was born in the 90s though, maybe if you're younger or older it's a whole different thing. 


At first, I did think they looked terrible and tacky. But I have to admit, they're growing on me. A few weeks ago I was buying a skirt from Cow and on the counter I saw a big glass jar full of scrunchies all in different pretty colours and patterns, so if someone puts loads of pretty coloured things in a glass jar you're going to want to buy them right? When I found out they were £5 each I decided I didn't want one (thinking back that isn't really a lot so I should go back and buy one). Click here for mentioned scrunchies - Cow.

These are scrunchies by American Apparel. They are £7 so I've now realised the Cow ones are cheap. How can anyone ask £7 for a scrunchie though is a bit extreme...

Jelly shoes

Honestly when I think of jelly shoes I just think of feet against plastic, which doesn't seem comfortable or appealing. Despite this I do think they are cute. But they're the type of thing that I would think look nice on other people but wouldn't personally wear because I would rather not look like a child. However, that's not to say they make everyone look younger because some people can pull them off.

The experts in these strange shoes are Juju

These are £25 from Office and the ones without the heel are £20. 

I also think they show too much feet and I'm all self conscious about my feet so personally, I wouldn't wear them.


In my opinion dungarees are the worst thing to come out of this whole 90s nostalgia trend. Through the ages of birth to around 5, they are pretty much all my mum dressed me in, so I'd rather not dress how I did when I was 5. I have to admit though, some people do pull them off. 

People such as Alexa Chung

You can find them in literally every high street shop at the moment, River IslandTopshop and of course vintage shops are probably full of them. Doesn't anyone else think they make people look a bit like farmers or painters or something? 

So there's my rant about the 90s coming back to haunt us. I'm not completely against it because I really do want to buy loads of cute scrunchies now. It just reminds me of the bad clothes I wore in my child hood. 

What's your opinion?

Lots of Love

ps. I don't think I've ever done a post this long wow.


  1. I have to admit you've kind of swayed me too, on the scrunchie front....

    Cute blog :)


    1. I convinced myself whilst writing the post haha