Sunday, 9 June 2013


Last weekend me and boyfriend went to Skegness. I was going to wait until I'd had my Diana Mini photos developed until I did this post but I thought I should just get on with it because it was a week ago. 

(I'll do a separate post with my Diana Mini photos when I get them developed) 

(slipping in an outfit to make it more fashion related)

Skirt - hm (I got it years ago though)
Converse - second hand from a friend
Denim shirt - boyfriend's, from Cow vintage
Sunglasses - Turkey

I've also got my Diana Mini round my neck, proof that I took photos on it (really should get them developed)

These are a mixture of my photos and my boyfriend's photos (mostly my boyfriend's), to see all of my boyfriend's photos go on his flickr.

The weather wasn't that great but it was still really nice because I love the seaside!! The rides are fun and they have loads of nice food like ice cream and doughnuts, basically loads of unhealthy food. We spent waaaay too much money on the grabby things where you have to pick something up with a claw games (what's the proper name for them?) because they all had Hello Kittys in them (you probably already know about my Hello Kitty weakness).
I'll try and be back with another post soon but I'm back to college tomorrow (wah) 

Lots of Love

ps. I don't know what happened to the line spacing at the end of this post but I also don't know how to fix it...


  1. You look simply awesome in the denim, dress and great chucks! Wish you were in more of the festive pics.

  2. Cute photos, looks like a windy day! Xx