Sunday, 15 September 2013

Summer Tartan

These photos were taken about a week ago but I've only just got time to post them because I've been reading loads for English Lit because I went back to College (wah) last Thursday and suddenly realised I should've read two books (oops)

I think this outfit is a mix between a Summer and Winter outfit. Tartan is something mainly worn in Winter but I really missed wearing my Tartan skirt over Summer so I thought because it's officially not Summer anymore, I pulled it out of the wardrobe for the first time in months.
(American Apparel - also this skirt is now half price and only £16!!)

Despite the fact it wasn't officially Summer anymore, it still was quite warm, so I didn't wear anything on my legs and wore Dr Martens to bring the Winter bit back. I always thought it looked a bit odd when people did the Dr Martens-in-Summer thing but now I've done it and changed my mind. I think Dr Martens with bare legs doesn't look that bad.

The vest top is from H&M but I've had it years and the gold necklace was a Christmas present from my Great Granddad, which I have also had years.

I like mixing Summer and Winter clothes together because if I only wore jumpers and jeans in Winter I'd get a bit bored, so I usually wear a Summer dress but with layers. In the Summer I suppose it's the opposite, wear stuff you could wear in Winter but reduce layers (like I did in this outfit).

Photos taken by my boyfriend

Lots of Love

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