Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas outfits

I can't really afford to buy new clothes recently because I've been doing Christmas shopping but I have loads of ideas for pretty Christmas outfits. So, instead of buying loads of things, I am going to make collages of all the Christmas outfits I want. 

I thought the contrast of the boots with the elegant shift dress made something more comfortable and appropriate for Christmas with the right amount of formality. This really makes me want to pair my purple Dr Martens with a simple shift dress now.
This outfit is more comfortable with the jumper but still elegant and formal with the jewelry. I would probably wear an outfit like this for Christmas if I hadn't worn my tartan skirt last Christmas (I don't like repeating outfits).

Cheesey christmas outfit in case you want to get really christmassy. If this was me I would pair these items with something simple like jeans. Personally, I wouldn't be that confident and just go for the socks or the hat but why not wear as many Christmas things as you can?
Velvet is a perfect winter material because it's so warm and cosy. I also love the colour because red is a typical christmassy colour. The tights are really different because they have interesting detail rather than just being plain black. This is my favourite out of my Christmas outfits and if I could afford it, I would buy something red velvet to wear.

So let's hope I can find something pretty to wear for Christmas then I can do an outfit post about it!

Lots of Love

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