Thursday, 4 September 2014

Autumn wishlist

It's been raining loads recently and it's a little bit sad, but summer is basically over so I need to look into what to buy for it gets really cold. 

I'm in the mood for darker colours at the moment and even though I still love pastels, I would love a burgundy cardigan, I think they fit in better with Autumn.

This burgundy cardigan looks similar to my mint cardigan from Ark, which I love. This cardigan is £20 from Boohoo, it also comes in a purple colour but I prefer this one.

Continuing the burgundy theme... 
I usually just wear black tights which is kind of boring so I think I might invest in some nice thick woolly tights in a dark colour. These are £10 from Topshop.

After recently selling my American Apparel tartan skirt, I've wanted to replace it ever since. American Apparel don't sell them anymore so maybe I've missed the tartan trend. However, I still love tartan so I'm strongly considering buying this AX Paris tartan skirt, because it's only £15.

I really need some new shoes since I've been wearing the same converse for nearly 5 years. I bought some desert boots this year but they're not appropriate for the rain, so I'm looking into buying some ankle boots that are more rain appropriate. These boots are from ASOS and are £35.

I now need to save up some money so I can go Autumn shopping.

Sophie x

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