Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sighh Designs Lil' Cacti case review

Sighh is a online store created by graphic design student Polly Vadasz. When it opened two years ago there were around 5 phone cases for sale, now the shop sells phone cases, Macbook skins, pocket mirrors, mugs, make-up bags, stickers, pencil cases, temporary tattoos, prints and tote bags. That's a lot of stuff for one 19 year old to organise.

I bought the Lil' Cacti case for £14 a few months ago, after weeks of trying to decide which case to buy. I finally went for this one simply because I love cacti and I love the green colour scheme. The case also has a nice matte finish which gives it a nice texture. I mainly bought the case for the cute design, rather than for something to protect my phone.

On Polly's website, it mentions that keeping your phone case around your keys (or other similar objects) could cause it to scratch, but since I've had it hasn't scratched at all, even though I just throw it into my tote bag filled with all kinds of stuff. 

These cases aren't the kind that would protect your phone from smashing if dropped on concrete as they are just plastic and quite thin. But they do stop your phone from getting scratched or chipped.

The one negative about these cases is that they can be quite difficult to get off the phone because of the plastic material so bits of tissue and stuff can get a bit stuck.

The case is definitely worth the money and I would buy another case from Sighh again. I'm also thinking of buying other products because I love this tote bag but it's out of stock at the moment (but will be in stock on the 20th of July!)

Make sure you all check out Sighh and look at Polly's pretty stuff!!

Sophie x

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