Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Trying to get organised

(this is going to be a bit of a rambly post I apologise in advance)
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July definitely seems to be the month where everyone loses their motivation, I've read about three blog posts dedicated to the idea.

Along with everyone else, I'm also stuck in a blogging block, as you've probably noticed. The main reason is that my blog isn't very organised as I don't have that 'niche' I can write about, so it's often hard to find something to write a post about.

I've slowly been steering away from fashion blogging ever since I started uni. I don't really follow trends or even read anything fashion related anymore so I can't really pick up the motivation to get my tripod out and stand in front of a camera for half an hour.
So I've decided, since my blog isn't anything serious and is just a little hobby, why not just write what I want?
This means you'll be seeing a lot more random posts, like lifestyle stuff, photography, book reviews, random product reviews, blog posts about days out and there might be an occasional outfit post if I feel like it.
And because my subject matter is a bit wider, this means more blog posts, more regularly (I'm aiming for one a week at the moment).
Sophie x
thanks for reading my ramble!

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