Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pinafore dresses

Pinafore dresses are back but with a twist, they now come in denim and corduroy. These beautiful vintage looking dresses are my new obsession. It is the most versatile piece of clothing ever, they could like nice with absolutely anything, jumpers, tshirts, crop tops, trainers, creepers, boots. So they're perfect for unreliable English weather.

Alexa Chung is the Queen of pinafore dresses and has made me want one even more. I love how she can make them look casual and smart.



This pretty pinafore is from Topshop and is £42. A little on the pricy side but anything over Primark prices is my idea of pricy. With a white top it could look lovely and fit in perfectly with the monochrome trend.
Miss Selfridge

I walked past Miss Selfridge about a week ago, saw this lovely dress in the window and fell in love with it. The spots are so cute. This dress also fits in with the monochrome trend (monochrome everywhere!). It's been reduced from £37 to £27 which is amazing because of how new and on trend it is. 

Topshop have loads of pinafore dresses here
So I want a pinafore dress but unless I get some sort of income I won't be able to (sad times) but I can still look at them on the internet and wish I had one.

Lots of love


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