Sunday, 31 March 2013

Penny Skateboarding

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Action shot of me getting scared and jumping off...

It felt like it was a bit warmer today so me and my boyfriend decided to go and skateboard a bit. I'm not very good, I just like rolling down hills. 

In this look I'm wearing my Washington jumper from Cow vintage (in Nottingham) my dress is from Topshop I've had it for years but still wear it, also wearing my grey Converse from Office. I'm trying this whole not-wearing-foundation thing partly because it's a lot of effort taking it off and the end of the day and partly because it might make my skin better, I haven't noticed any difference yet but I'll keep you informed! 

I can't wait for it to be Summer so I can skateboard more often it's so fun! It's a bit scary too if you go too fast. This is my brother's skateboard though, I wish I had my own! 

My boyfriend took all these photos (apart from the one of him that I took) so go on his flickr and have a look at all of the other pictures of me that he's taken > flickr

Penny Skateboards are so cute because of all the bright colours of the decks, trucks and wheels, if I was to properly skateboard I would definitely buy one (if I had the money). 

The skateboard I'm using is called a Nickel and is 27'' you can also get little ones called Pennys which are 22''

Do you like skateboarding?

Lots of Love


  1. Heya, I hardly ever wear foundation. If I do ever wear it at night and take it off before I go to sleep obv, the next morning my skin looks terrible - I think you have to go without it for a while before your skin can recover, it's so much better to let it breathe. And in my opinion, natural is the best look. Yay. Love the grey skies and colourful board :)


    1. Yeah I agree. Thanks for the advice! :)