Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snow in Spring?

Hello! First outfit post on my new blog oooh exciting. It was freezing today even though I was wearing my itchy thick jumper, that's one of the negatives of vintage jumpers, they tend to be really itchy and a little bit uncomfortable but they look lovely so you just have to put up with the itchy-ness.

In this outfit I am wearing my jumper from Cow vintage, my jeans from Peacocks, my beanie hat from New Look, my hoody from American Apparel, Dr Martens from Dr Martens shop in Nottingham and pikachu necklace from Little Tea Cup. You can hype my outfit here on lookbook, I tried to put the hype button into this post but I get really impatient with things not working on blogger so I decided to just put a link in. Also follow my lookbook here if you like!

For my photography coursework I'm doing a project about abandoned houses so me and my boyfriend went to take some photos today (otherwise I probably would have stayed in bed avoiding the cold). It's a really interesting project to do just maybe a little bit dangerous. I'll put a link to my Flickr when I get more photos on it (it only has two at the moment). 

Lots of Love

ps. my boyfriends flickr is here (it's full of pictures of me and some other interesting things) so you should have a look!