Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mint and thigh high socks

So I was lying in bed on twitter and thought maybe I should do something productive like posting the look I've been meaning to do since last Wednesday, so here I am! 

In these photos I am wearing a mint tank top from Topshop - I've really missed wearing it because you can only really wear it when the weather's nice, I love the pastel colour too. I bought it last year so they don't have it anymore, I tried to find it or something similar on the Topshop website but I couldn't find anything, they still have lots of other nice things though!

 I am also wearing Levi's 505 cut offs from Cow vintage in Birmingham. I really need to get some new ones because I didn't try these on and they're massssssive, but they're okay with a belt. 

It looks like I live in my black coverse by the look of my recent posts but it's only because I was riding my bike and you can't bike in creepers!

 I love this hoodie, it's my boyfriends and should probably give it back but it's so nice! This is similar or it might be the same one.

 I love it when the weather is warm enough to wear socks instead of tights, these are also from Topshop but you can buy plain thigh high socks from pretty much anywhere. 

So that's what I wore last Wednesday! I need to go and get ready for college now. I'm hoping that it's warm outside but I'll probably layer up so I don't get cold.

Lots of Love


  1. The converse isn't a worry, it's a wonderful thing - you look great in them with the leggings.

  2. Really nice Sophie, what place is that ?