Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sunny bike rides

Last Sunday me and my boyfriend went on a bike ride so I thought I'd do a little outfit post about it! 

I am wearing my checkered shirt from Cow vintage, I live in this but it's because it's so easy just to throw over anything. I got this bralet last year from Topshop, I couldn't find a similar one to link to but the ones they have this year are nicer anyway. My shorts are also from Cow vintage, I want some new ones but they all seem to be really really short now and I want ones that are a normal length. My necklace is from Turkey, I like it because it looks like an eye so it's a bit different.

I have yellow nails! This nail polish is from Topshop and it's called 'the bees knees'. I'm not really sure about it, it looked nice in the bottle and it is a nice colour. But then I realised it looked like custard. Still, I think it's quite cute. I bought another one called 'the boy next door' but I'll talk about it in another post.

Lookbook post this is the lookbook post, it still won't let me put the hype counter in the blog post and I'm done with trying to make it work, so click on the link and hype it please! 

My boyfriend keeps hassling me about putting his flickr into my blogposts because they're his photos and I keep forgetting, so here it is have a look! flickr

Me and my boyfriend are going to Skegness at the weekend so I'll make sure I take loads of photos so I can do a post when I get back! 

Lots of Love

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