Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ark and Topshop haul

This is only a little haul but I wanted to show you the things I bought the other day! I don't think I buy enough things because I end up spending my wages on pizza and Mcdonalds, when really I should spend them on clothes and things that last a bit longer. 

This crop top is from Ark and is by Hearts & Bows. I used to think that Ark was expensive but this lovely top was only £12.99. I love all the detail and how delicate it is. (outfit post with this coming soon)

This skirt is also from Ark and by Hearts & Bows. It was £16.99 which I think is reasonable as it has an underskirt too. I really like how the colours are bright and neon but the pattern is still pretty. Hearts & Bows is only available in Ark and it' such a pretty brand with floral patterns and bows (as it says in the name). 

I've wanted this for ages but I didn't buy it because I didn't want to give into my nail polish addiction, but it's hard to go into Topshop and see all the pretty sparkly nail polishes without buying one, right? It's called Magpie and was £6 (the same price as the other glitter polishes from Topshop) it's quite similar to the other glitter polishes from Topshop such as Razzamatazz but it's more yellow and gold than silvery so it can be paired with nude polishes. I really like it, however it's hard to get the consistency right, I used two coats of this over Bees Knees to get the right amount of glitter.

Lots of Love

ps. sorry for the lack of blogging recently, I think it's because the weather's been better so I've been out a lot on bikes rides and what not, also I feel like I'm ruining out of outfit post ideas because I don't really have a lot of clothes but from today I will try and post more! 

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