Monday, 22 July 2013

You're a puzzle to me

(sneaky Maximo Park lyric there) 

Every year around this time, Wollaton Park (a park in Nottingham about 10 minutes away from my house) hold a one day long music festival called Splendour. For city residents under 18 it's only £15! I go every year because I might as well as it's so cheap and so close to my house. This year Jake Bugg headlined the main stage and Maximo Park headlined the Jagermeister stage. Other acts such as KT Tunstall, Nina Nesbitt, Dog is Dead and Squeeze performed. There's also been many other really famous names there for example, Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris and Madness. My favourite by far was Maximo Park, I love them anyway but they were amazing live, it was so energetic and I managed to get right to the front (I had to wait at the stage an hour before they started to get there but it was so worth it). Dog is Dead were also amazing, it was their 5th time playing at Splendour as they are a band from Nottingham and I think I've seen them about 8 times live but they are still great every time! 

I also like how it can introduce you to new music as well. I had heard of Nina Nesbitt before but never actually listened to her and after hearing her at Splendour I might start listening to her properly.

Most of the music was country or indie rock because of the headline act being Jake Bugg so the other acts were in a similar genre to that. Personally I thought that was quite good because I prefer that genre of music but a lot of people complained that the acts weren't as famous as previous years because last year Dizzee Rascal headlined. But I prefer this years line up because I'm not really a fan of Dizzee Rascal and I love Maximo Park loads. 

It's really family friendly too, you don't have to get right into a mosh pit to listen to the music and enjoy yourself, a lot of people just take picnics and just listen.

(that seems a bit rambly) 

So here's the outfit post bit! 

Me and my boyfriend

Top - Hearts & Bows at Ark (shown in my haul from yesterday)
Under top - Bikini from Matalan (my bralet was in the wash and this just looks like a bandeau top)
Shorts - Levi's shorts from Cow
Flower crown - gift from a friend

I feel like this outfit is really cliche-festival-fashion with the flower crown, shorts, crop top combination but cliches aren't always bad!

There isn't a lot of photos because my boyfriend took them and it turned out that there was just a lot of photos of me blowing my nose and awkward laughing faces. ooops. I would have liked to take photos at Splendour but I didn't want to risk my camera getting smashed in a mosh pit or something so I'll give you a link instead!

Lots of Love

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