Friday, 26 July 2013

Floral and denim

(Ignore the hundreds of bug bites on my legs)

Top - It was a denim shirt but I'd had it for years and got a bit bored of it so thought I'd cut the sleeves off to make it into a new top! Originally it was from H&M. I also tied up the bottom bit to make it into a kind of crop top.

Skirt - I bought this from Ark last Friday - as mentioned in my recent haul post.

Feet - Creepers and frilly Topshop socks (as usual) 

I love the pattern and colours of this skirt. I think it goes well with denim but I'm not sure what else I could wear it with.. I normally wear darker clothes so this outfit really lightened things up! If you've seen my other outfit posts you'll probably notice that my wardrobe is a mix between dark, grungy clothes and pretty, floral things like this skirt. I might start wearing lighter things like this outfit but I'll probably change my mind about that tomorrow. 

Lots of Love

Ps. Check out my boyfriends Flickr for more photos of me and other stuff

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  1. I really liked what you did in your eyes in the newest post and I loved your outfit here! So cute! You by yourself show an amazing personality!