Saturday, 12 October 2013

Too much Tartan

Hello! I took these photos yesterday using my tripod so they're not as good as the photos my boyfriend takes. It's got a lot colder recently so I've had to layer up with a hoodie, jacket and scarf - I really should just buy a coat. 

In these photos I'm wearing...

American Apparel Tartan skirt here
American Apparel grey hoodie similar here
H&M jacket (I can't find the same jacket because I bought it years ago but other H&M coats and jackets here)
Cow vintage tartan scarf (can't find similar but look around vintage/charity shops and you'll probably find something!)
this black top is from Topshop but I got it ages ago
Dr Martens here

So this is my first real winter outfit! I don't really have that many winter clothes but I wear the same clothes in winter as I do in summer. But I might go shopping soon, then I can do a little winter-y haul and loads of outfit posts, yay!

Lots of Love

ps. I've had silver shampoo on my hair for over an hour so my hair will probably be purple when I wash it off (ah)

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