Thursday, 24 October 2013

Game City - Nottingham

I know this is mainly a fashion blog but I thought I'd a do a little post about Game City because I was there and I had my camera.

Really weird but amazing game called Starwhals

Mario Kart on a Nintendo 64

The awkward Nintendo 64 controller

On Monday me and some friends went to Game City in Fletcher Gate, Nottingham. Game City is powered by Nottingham Trent University, with support from Confetti College. It aims are to show video game culture as art and get people to experience and learn whilst having fun playing games.

 It's on all week (19th - 26th October) and it looks like it's going to be raining for a while so it's a really good idea. At first I did just think it was a room full of games because I went last year and didn't really explore, I just assumed that was it. But it's a bit more than that. As well as the popular stuff like Mario Kart and Grand Turismo they have loads of indie games and the developers are there too so you can talk to them about the games and other interesting stuff.

They also have different events on throughout the week here - schedule, which includes different workshops and competitions. On Saturday there is an Oculus Rift demo which I really want to go to because it's a virtual reality headset, my brother's had a go before and he said it was amazing. 

It's a really nice atmosphere where you can just sit on bean bags with your friends and play loads of different games in one room. I think it's aimed more a younger people because it's during half term and after about an hour me and my friends went. But my brother - who is 14 - has been there all week so far and still seems to find more things to do! 

My boyfriend made a vlog about the day so have a look here > click click click

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