Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Cats in fashion

It seems like with the increase of internet memes and the likes of grumpy cat people have recently become a little bit more obsessed than usual with cats. If this doesn't apply to you then you are probably a dog person and will hate this post. But I do love cats, and I have recently noticed that there is a lot more bits of clothing and other stuff covered with cats, and I love that too. 

I've seen cat ears pop up recently - and even before the Halloween season began and every teenage girl decided to dress as a cat by wearing some (honestly, if I had the chance I would've done that too because I would take any excuse to wear cat ears)
Topshop did have loads of cat ears all in different colours but now these are the only ones on the website. They're still cute but I preferred the black ones.

Cat ears have also appeared on other stuff like hats, it seems everyone wants to become an actual cat and dress up with cat ears on everything possible, probably just because if you can, why not?
This cute furry hat is from Next and is £10. As well as being lovely and furry it has cute little ears like a cat. 

Trying to feed my newly found jewelry obsession I've found some pretty rings that look like cats. These rings are both from Asos. So if you don't want to show your love for cats quite so openly as wearing cat ears, you can subtly wear a little ring with cat ears and a little cat face with little tiny whiskers. 

Image 1 of ASOS Cat Face RingImage 1 of ASOS Cat Ears Ring

I recently discovered an online shop called Seoulrhythm and they have lots of cat related things, cat tights, cat sweatshirts, cat dresses - so many cats. The prices are all in dollars but this just means the prices are a bit confusing and they ship to anywhere in the world. 

Lots of Love

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