Thursday, 5 March 2015

Awkward Peach by Bleach London

So I've been wanting to dye my hair peachy coloured (think Magners cider colour) for a while, and finally did it.. sort of. I bought this from Boots and it was £5. I was a bit scared because in the bottle it looks bright orange and not really peach at all. But I went with it anyway. 

Because it looked really bright I used half the bottle and added the same amount of conditioner. Doing this also makes your hair really soft after, which is great for me with my damaged, bleached mess. 

Then it went this colour. 

Before - my hair was lots of different colours so something needed to be done.

After - this is after I've washed it once and it's not really that peach it's more just pastel pink. However, before my hair was still at bit blue, so that could be why. 

Overall, I really like the colour, I think next time I'd use the whole bottle rather than half because then it might be more peachy, however, after looking at the official Bleach London photo of the dye (above) , maybe it's supposed to be this colour? Anyway, I'd definitely use it again. I really like the Bleach London dyes because they seem to last a long time and the colours fade nicely, unlike other dyes that go green or yellow.

Sophie x

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