Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Uni life - Student Food

There's a bit of a misconception about what students eat when they go to uni. Most people think it’s all Super Noodles and take away. And yes, there is a bit of that for some of us, but surprising we do actually try to cook every now and again. But anyway, here are some tips on cooking (I admit that I am not expert) at uni.

1) Don’t go shopping hungry
I keep making this mistake and really need to stop. I have been known to spend £10+ on cheese in one weekly shop.

2) Make a food plan
This kind of follows on from the last point, if you make a food plan before you go shopping you’ll save a lot of money. To be honest I don’t always stick to it, but at least if I make one I know I’ll have enough food for the week.

3) Learn to love stir fry
I eat stir fry multiple times a week and it’s probably the only time my body gets healthy food. It’s great because it’s cheap (around £3 without meat) and is a balanced meal, with carbs (noodles), vegetables and protein. If you’re vegetarian then there are lots of alternatives you can add for extra protein.

4) The freezer is your best friend
I didn't really know anything about freezing food before I came to uni, but now I freeze nearly everything. It’s really difficult to buy one person meals, but I usually make a big meal (spag bol for example) then split it off into four bits. It works out a lot cheaper and healthier, because you won’t end up eating enough food for 5 people in one meal. Then when you want to eat it all you have to do is shove it in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

5) Not every meal needs meat
I’m not a vegetarian, but I've recently learnt to live without meat a lot of the time. Mostly because meat is very expensive and a lot more of an effort to cook than vegetables.  For example a pack of chicken is around £4, and if you find other alternatives such as mushrooms which contain lots of protein, it works out a lot cheaper.

So I am no expert in cooking, but there’s a couple of things that I've learnt in a few months as a student. 

Sophie x

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