Monday, 23 March 2015

Uni life - Second term summery

The second term of uni definitely slows down a bit. It’s probably because everyone’s a lot more comfortable with each other so it just feels more relaxed.

Everyone has less money or they just begin to realise that they should probably spend it on food rather than going out. So, you go out less, eat cheaper and more boring food and spend more time sat in your room being bored. But because you go out less you spend more time with your flat mates, watching films or just sitting about doing nothing, which is sometimes nicer than having a night out that you don’t remember.

A slightly stressful part of the second term is sorting out housing for next year. Once you’re all settled back in after Christmas, you have to decide who you’re living with and where. It was especially stressful for us since we were looking for a 10 bedroom house. Everyone at the housing fair just laughed at us and suggested we have two five bedroom housing instead. But we managed to find probably the only one in Lincoln, so it was all fine in the end.

On my course, this term was focused on magazine and online journalism. I wrote a feature about Page 45, a comic book shop in Nottingham, which you can read here. I enjoyed this a lot more because I could be more creative when writing for a magazine.

We also started news days, which are days where you make a news package for TV, radio and online. These days are really hectic but can be fun too.

Last week we had to decide on our options for next year, which meant that I had to make big life decisions all over again, kind of. We had to choose two options out of radio, TV, online and print. It’s a difficult decision to make because you don’t want to limit yourself to a certain type of journalism. So I just went for print and online because they’re the things I enjoy the most.

And even though everyone knows each quite well by this point, there’s still daily arguments about how to say certain words or how to say roll or cob or bun (it’s definitely cob by the way).

It's strange how fast this year's gone, I've only got about a month left!

Sophie x

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