Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Rita Ora Rimmel Spring nail polishes

This Spring Rimmel released 12 new spring/summer shades with the help of Rita Ora.The pastel shades range from pink to blue (there's one called Porta Loo Blue so I assume there a festival theme going on), so they are perfect for Spring or Summer! Also, the polishes are part of the '60 seconds super shine' collection, which is great because I hate sitting about for half an hour waiting for nails to dry.

I bought the Sweet Retreat shade which is the pink one pictured above, I've been looking for a pastel pink polish for ages and this is perfect. It's slightly brighter than it looks in the bottle but I'd still call it pastel.

And Oragina, the orange one pictured above, this is one of my favourite polishes at the moment. I'm slightly obsessed with peachy pink colours this Summer.

These polishes don't seem to last a whole week and tend to chip a bit after about 4-5 days but for £2.99 from Boots you can't really complain. To get the a solid colour I had to apply 2 coats.

Sophie x 

ps. what are your favourite summer shades?

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