Friday, 5 June 2015

Uni life - first year is over!

I didn't realise how long ago my last blog post was, all the exams and coming home and unpacking etc just seemed to take over for a bit, I finished my first year of uni weeks ago! If you've read my blog before you'll notice that I wrote a few posts about my first year of uni (here) so now I've decided to do a little summary of my first year.

Overall, this first year of uni has been amazing and it's gone way too fast. It still doesn't feel like I've finished and seems strange that I'll never live in the student village again, I might even miss it a bit, but probably won't miss the breeze block prison walls in the bedrooms. 

Tips for first years

- Don't be nervous! I know it's hard to not be nervous because I remember being really nervous and not listening to anyone that told me I would be okay. But once you get there and see that everyone's in the same boat, it's not bad at all. 

-Learn how to cook before you go to uni. I didn't and only knew how to cook pasta and stir fry so my meals got very boring very quickly. 

-Try not to miss out on things! I think I missed out on a few opportunities to do things this year because of nerves, things like work experience and joining societies etc. Now that first year is over and I've only got two years left, I wish I took every opportunity there was to do something extra outside of my course.

-Take a doorstop! Uni halls of residence, as I've said before, can be very depressing looking but I noticed that just leaving the door open makes a big difference. It also sort of forces you to be sociable and not lock yourself away in your room. 

I don't want to give away too many tips and things because the main thing is to just have fun and be sociable!!

(Here's the most normal night out photo I can find)

Sophie x

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