Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas things

Sadly, Christmas is over now and all we have to look forward to is New Year's Eve (which is never that great) and after Christmas sales. But at least I took a few photos this Christmas! 

I had a lovely Christmas and it went so fast! We all woke up and went to open presents in the morning and drank tea (from my new tea pot hehe). Then me and my mum went to visit my grandma for a bit and gave her a photo frame with 10 different photos in it, which she really liked. Then we came back and had dinner. We watch some Christmas telly, drank wine and gin etc and ate cheese and crackers (my favourite bit of Christmas). Then we played Scrabble which isn't something we usually do but it was fun and I won somehow. 

1. Christmas morning - before my brother and sister ripped open all of their presents and covered the floor in wrapping paper.

2. Christmas dinner made by my mum which was lovely.

3. Presents from mum and dad - lots of cat related things, New Balance, a cake in a mug recipe book (blog post coming soon!) and a tea pot for tea leaves which is amazing, me and my brother drank about a pot of earl grey each on Christmas Day.

4. Presents from George - he went slightly over budget again. In the bottom of the box there are about 20 packs of loom bands so I'll never run out! I'm so excited to read all of these books.

I took a lot more photos but it was quite dark most of the day so they turned out really dull and blurry. 

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and thank you everyone for the lovely presents! 

Sophie x

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