Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tattoo inspiration

I've wanted a tattoo for a long time and always thought that when I got to 18 I'd have an idea of what I wanted and enough money to get it done. I've been doodling bees and flowers and My Neighbour Totoro designs for a while but still not sure. So here's a little mood board type post (does that make sense?) of tattoo inspiration. 

Bird tattoos look beautiful and signify the idea of freedom. I like how much detail can be put into them because of the different layers of feathers and shading.

I like nautical tattoos because I really like the sea and mermaids. They can be linked to sailors or some people think they show stability. 

I think rose tattoos are nice because they are so simple and elegant. Even though they are getting quite popular, I think they would be more unique if they were combined with other tattoos. They represent love and beauty.

Cartoon characters as tattoos can look really cute if they are done properly. I think because they are often really bright they would have to match other tattoos, which would be difficult. I love all of these though. 

I've wanted a bee tattoo for a long time (because of my last name). I still can't decide if I want something cartoon like or something more realistic because they both look so lovely.

This just made me find more ideas for tattoos and I'm even more undecided, but I'll never be able to afford one anyway!

Sophie x

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